(Inspired by the motion picture)

Adventureland, When mama’s losing her hair, And daddy hides whiskey bottles under the stairs

Where you need the drugs to feel good, But they’re not the only ones that care, If I could replace them you know I would

Adventureland, When you don’t know where you’re going, Become one with that grass you’re mowing

Where you meet people like you, And you’ll have the best nights of your life, I don’t know if they’ll stay but I hope they do

Adventureland, When you think too much and feel like shit, Give it some time and we can fix it

 Where there’s a stranger in the mirror, But the ones you’ve grown to love can see right through, A cancer that you need help to cure

Adventureland, Made me free helped me breath, When we were drunk you said you loved me

Adventureland, Taught me hard lessons and broke my heart, Made you leave and played it’s part

But months later when me found each other again, We couldn’t help but smile, Adventureland



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