The Power of They

I was challenged to rip apart an ad guaranteeing results. Keep in mind this is supposed to be humorous and very nitpicky. 



Let’s tear this apart shall we?…

– How do you know what kind of body I want? Maybe I want to be 300lbs of fat.

– What exactly do I have to do in this 20 minutes?

– Does it matter what I eat? Chocolate donuts for days?

– What if I don’t want to look like the woman in this ad? (No offense)

– Does it matter when I do my 3 workouts? What days are acceptable?

– What happens if I exceed 3 times a week? What will happen?

– What happens if I exceed 20 minutes a day? Will it result in catastrophe?

– After the 6-week challenge is over will progress stop?

– How can anything be guaranteed? Does that mean it’s 100% effective? Unlikely.

– If it isn’t effective for me does that make me an impossibility? How will this be compensated?

– How do you know I’m “waiting” to buy your product? Maybe I think it’s horse poo.

– Will this product really be effective for producing multiple desired body types? (Bulking, burning, toning, ect.)

– Do I already have to be jacked like the woman on the ad in order for this to work? If I’m not a muscular black woman what do I do?



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