5 Unique Sports from Around the World

1. Shin-Kicking: A sport played in England in which you stuff your pants with straw and continuously kick your opponent in the shins until you can bring him or her to their knees. The combatants must keep a constant hold of each other and may only use kicks.

2. Eukonkanto: Otherwise known as “wife carrying” this Finnish sports consists of carrying your significant other on your neck while racing on a 250m track. Tracks include obstacles such as jumps and water traps and dropping your wife incurs a small time penalty.

3. Sepak Takraw: Largely played in Malaysia, picture volleyball played without the use of hand by acrobatic ninjas.

4. Cheese Rolling: An English sport in which several competitors chase a wheel of cheese down an extremely steep hill. The one to catch the cheese wins and gets to keep their prize. Note: Injuries are very common.

5. Buzkashi: A popular sport in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan in which teams on horse back pass a headless goat carcass to team mates and attempt to put it in a goal. This can also sometimes be played with a calf.


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