Toronto Pearson Airport Baggage Handlers

Baggage Handlers Caught Dropping Bags Over 20 Feet!

A video has recently has come to light exposing baggage handlers at Toronto airport engaging in extremely negligent behaviour. The workers were shown throwing the luggage of passengers twenty feet down into a cart instead of walking it down from the plane. Pearson airport has already issued a public apology for the incident and have stated that they are investigating what happened. This really bugs me because the workers clearly had no respect for passenger property and did not care if they damaged it at all. You can chalk this up to a bad day or laziness but I think it really just boils down to a lack of respect. It makes me wonder how often this goes on without out us knowing. I have a personal connection to this as my father had his fly fishing rod broken when we traveled to Newfoundland though Pearson. Although I do not know if negligence was responsible for the damage I do know that rod must have really taken some force because it was in a case. As policy dictated we were also not reimbursed for the rod. I’m sure negligence like this occurs in tons of professions but it is still kind of shocking seeing a video showing such disregard for peoples things. You never know what kind of personally significant things may have been damaged as a result. I totally think these guys should face some consequences for their actions. This is just unacceptable morally and professionally. What do you guys think of the incident?


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