The Grid

In a world run from the top, They’re spending hours, Trying to take all that we’ve got

Our ideas the price to pay, Every hour every day, They’re gonna steal our love again

So unplug yourself and learn to live, We’ve spent far too long, Plugged into this grid

They tell us when to speak, Cause we’re lost and oh so weak, They’ll push us to the edge

But their force can’t drown our voice, And if I had to, I would shield myself with noise

Of the thoughts inside my brain, So they’d all just fade away, And I could say that I am free

So rise against the mean machine, And if you need to, Find yourself caught in between 

The gears that run the show, Keep us held here oh so low, So that you’ll choose what to accept

So keep your head and don’t believe, All that they tell you, And then maybe you will see

That they need to keep in check, All the thoughts inside our heads, So that we’ll never challenge theirs

Now let the words spill from our lips, That will combat, Their control and censorship

If we all stand hand in hand, Use the free will that we have, We’ll build a life worth dying for






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