Police Brutality in Arizona


If you thought my last news post covering the Abq. shooting was brutal then this may also shock you. In the wake of Arizona University’s basketball team being eliminated from March Madness riot police were called in to deal with the unrest of fans. In the midst of this riot we see a truly disgusting scene. A seemingly innocent and unaware girl is completely drilled by an officer at random. While the events leading to the assault are not shown I think it’s fairly easy to state that she did not deserve to receive this treatment AT ALL. Although the girl seemed to be ok after the incident this is still an absolutely unwarranted show of force and an abuse of power. I really hope this officer will face severe consequences for his poor judgement. This is just unacceptable. The link above will take you to the video of the incident (warning it is graphic and contains foul language).


One thought on “Police Brutality in Arizona

  1. This reminds me of the Vancouver riot a few years ago…of course that was not quite as extreme as this, How that officer acted was just wrong. I would love to hear what that officer has to say for himself.

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