5 Things I Dislike and Love About Social Media


1. Social media makes bullying more accessible because of the anonymity it provides and the access it allows to get at victims.

2. It is a major distractor and time waster. It totally takes you out of reality sometimes.

3. It allows ignorance to thrive through anonymity and by connecting ignorance with more ignorance.

4. It does not allow for a break for individuals from their social groups EVER.

5. It allows for major breaches of privacy and other criminal creepiness.



1. It can connect people with actual real life important news and movements that they might not be exposed to anywhere else.

2. It can bring people together and be used to spread love and goodness.

3. It can allow you to connect and catch up with friends who live far away or you might not see often.

4. It can be a great medium for showcasing creativity and humour.

5. It allows expression and can be a support mechanism for some people.




One thought on “5 Things I Dislike and Love About Social Media

  1. I completely agree with all of these points. Social media is the best, and worst invention of our time. Something that helps me deal with my ‘addiction’ is to delete the apps off my phone during times when i have a lot of work to do, it makes it less accessible, and that tends to deter me.

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