Remember Me as a Time of Day

Remember me as a time of day, When I fail to meet you at sunrise

When we go our own ways, Like scattered thoughts and lazy eyes

A time of day is a feeling, A time of day has ups and downs

Like posters on your ceiling, And leaves strewn on the ground

See it rise before you, All the memories and try to pretend

I never want to forget you, I never want to feel this again

It seems to me that all the world, Just hides to lose the pain

To forget bombs and pearls, Give way to the clouds and rain

When rain passes and clouds fade, I’ll be the same

When photographs are all that stay, We can’t explain

It’s ok to be lost, It’s ok to lose me later 

It’s ok to leave a piece of your heart on this paper

It’s ok to remember me as a time of day




One thought on “Remember Me as a Time of Day

  1. I really enjoyed this poem! A line that really stuck out to me was ‘to forget bombs and pearls’ putting both together in one line just really interested me! The tone it as well was really engaging! Overall it was great and very well done!

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