Lightning Bolts

Sometimes all of a sudden I miss everyone, The places I love and the things that I’ve done

While they’re still here while they’re still happening, I know that one day I’ll be looking back on how we used to sing

How we used to have fun and talk about life, Where we would sit and run and roam like kites

These were the places I grew up where I learned and loved, The times I appreciated the trees and the clouds above

I look ahead and think about these times being memories, and I think of how these people and places are parts of me

I realize that youth is like lighting, It’s exciting but it’s meant to come and to go in a flash

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t beautiful that it was just “getting old”, The friends that have been places to me and the smiles I’ve seen, In the end I know they’re lightning bolts but I wish they wouldn’t leave


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