Man Performs “Tomorrow” as Kiev Burns 

I’m sure that most of us know or at least have heard about what’s happening in the Ukraine currently. Civil unrest has led to numerous amounts injuries and millions of dollars of damage. As of posting this their have been several deaths as a result of the protests now numbering in double digits that account for both civilians and police officers. The Ukrainian President is now missing and being held accountable for several deaths caused by police sniper fire. It’s one thing to hear about this on the news but seeing the conditions of Kiev on video while a haunting rendition of Tomorrow by the Beatles plays really shows just how devastating the unrest is. The footage and the photos are really pretty surreal. Normally we only uprisings like this as a third world commodity (surely as horrific as the current uprising and no less noteworthy) but it’s kinda scary seeing it happen in relatively modern country. I send all my prayers to everyone in any country living in civil unrest. I truly hope the situation will soon be resolved internally or externally to prevent anymore suffering. 


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