Music Recommendation: Explosions in the Sky


One of my favourite bands of all time is Explosions in The Sky. They are a post rock group from Texas who create purely instrumental content. The band primarily relies on multiple guitars and percussion to produce their signature sound but they also incorporate in other instruments such as piano from time to time. Their songs range from soft and mellow to intense and fast paced but most of them utilize a mixture of both styles. They commonly use guitar techniques such as finger picking and trilling to produce the sound they want. Overall the songs come out sounding epic and inspiring due to how layered they are. The band has produced five albums each containing about 5-7 songs that are relatively long in length. They have also scored movies such as Lone Survivor and Prince Avalanche. I find that listening to these guys is really relaxing and they are often my soundtrack when it comes to long drives and doing homework. I really think it’s amazing how their songs can evoke so much emotion without lyrics. I’ve also seen them live and their technical talent did not fail to impress! If you have some time check them out and let me know what you think!

My Favourite Tracks: Let Me Back In, A Song for Our Fathers, Last Known Surroundings, and The Birth and Death of the Day.

Similar Bands: This Will Destroy You, Mogwai, If These Trees Could Talk.


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