Have you ever felt yourself fade? Have you ever watched your time slip away?

Have you ever found yourself lost in your mind? That’s by design.

A ploy to tell you that you are not special, that we are not special. Like a razor that cuts so fine that you can’t tell, where it cut you, why it wanted what was special to you.

They’ll tell you to dream a better dream, and expect you to know where to go what to be. They say reach for the stars, and watch as you fall so far from the clouds.

They anticipate the fall, watch you break, see the pieces, collect them all. They put you back together and tell you to wake up, and make up that time you’ve wasted, make you what they’ve taught you to hate.

Just fall in line, keep your voice down, repeat after me “this is what I want now”. A penny for your thoughts, a dollar to keep your mouth shut. You’re part of a plan, to see the cycle through again and again.

But just because we’re conditioned to fail doesn’t mean we’re not meant to triumph. You can be one of the ones with enough luck, that breaks free of the cycle of grow, build, fall, rebuild, repeat, done. Oh lord let me be one of the lucky ones.


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