Poem Exercise: Frustration

The feeling when you play Flappy Bird. Flappy? More like unhappy. The feeling before a fight an awful sight that leaves you contrite. It’s a blight in society but some how more noble than flight. The feeling when dealing with fears, close and near inspires tears and jeers. The feeling of being faded, feeling jaded and unrelated. Feeling like I might fail, taking the wind from my sails, and pounding my mind like an unrelenting hail. Frustration makes me freeze, fills me like gasoline. Frustration a demonstration of faults locked in our mental vaults. Like flirtation and fascination with the sedation of our patience. Fight your frustration and find your elation you might just find yourself free.


4 thoughts on “Poem Exercise: Frustration

  1. This is a really fantastic poem! ^^ And it was even more effective when read aloud in class a while ago, to boot. Your ability to rhyme things without stretching it even the least bit is also (seriously) to be envied. πŸ™‚

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