George Zimmerman to Participate in Celebrity Boxing Match

George Zimmerman is slated to face rapper DMX in a celebrity boxing event. The combatants were chosen at a random and need no introduction. DMX has vowed to brutalize Zimmerman even going as far to say he will go beyond the rules of the sport in order to do so. So why does this bother me? I mean it seems like a win. Zimmerman a seemingly less than savoury character (not only for the Martin incident but also for the other charges brought up against him) gets a beating and we all get to watch. While I don’t know if this form of physical retribution is really effective justice or ethical entertainment, that’s not what bothers me. What bothers me is that Zimmerman is being considered a celebrity. How do we as a society consider someone famous and noteworthy because they have gotten away with killing another human being? Whether you believe Zimmerman to be a murderer or innocent of any wrong doing can we all agree that killing someone shouldn’t make an individual popular or give them celebrity status in any case? I have a problem with people profiting off of death and apparently so do many others as a petition was signed as of writing this that has now disbarred the contest. I just don’t know why we always seem to glorify the perpetrators of tragedy and take focus away from the victims. I don’t know this whole thing just seems kind of messed up to me.


2 thoughts on “George Zimmerman to Participate in Celebrity Boxing Match

  1. How do you become famous for killing somebody? Really? This man should be considered far from a “celebrity”. If he would not have killed anybody, I am fairly sure nobody would even know who this guy is.

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