9 Reasons Why I Hate Flappy Bird


1. It is literal insanity! (Doing the same thing over again and over again and expecting different results doing the same thing over again and over again and expecting different results).

2. It is an epic time waster. It’s just one of those games that can suck an hour out of your day unnoticeably. You’ll find yourself asking “hey why is it suddenly night outside?”.

3. The game is hard. Very hard. It’s cruel and it is soul crushing.

4. The sound effect that occurs when you die is annoying as all get out! (Especially when you hear it several times in the span of a few minutes).

5. It is literally just one button. One action…. The whole game…. No variety….

6. It clearly rips off Mario’s visual style. Some of the background objects are literally identical to the ones that appear in the Mario franchise. Like how did they even get away with this without getting sued?

7. It is all over social media! I cannot log on to a social platform without seeing Flappy Bird references. All I can see is people bragging about their score or sharing their Flappy Bird woes with the world.

8. There is too many avian themed things in my life as is it. Angry Birds, Tiny Wings, Twitter, ect. Enough is enough!

9. It’s addictive! No matter how much I want to quit I just can’t! I have a problem.


5 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why I Hate Flappy Bird

  1. Yesterday was the first time I heard of this app and it’s all people have been talking about since then! Technology really can take over our lives without us realizing it.

  2. Exactly it’s funny how something we have never heard of can become the next big thing in a matter of hours. Technology is great sometimes but it also a great way to waste precious time.

  3. I have never played this game or even watched anyone play it because I agree it seems dumb. I also never play games and have no games on my phone so I don’t really care. – At least some people are moving on from candy crush.

  4. How this game is #1 on the app store I have no idea. I downloaded it and then deleted it 2 minutes later. And there is another game just like called ironpants that is 2nd or 3rd on the app store.

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