Safari Drones

Will Burrard-Lucas has invented the safari of tomorrow. The British photographer uses a home made drone and go pro camera to achieve amazing footage of african animals in their natural habitat. Footage of this caliber is usually only achievable through helicopter and terrain vehicle shots. Although the footage may be nothing new the method of viewing is quite extraordinary because it is very non intrusive. Traditional safaris can be dangerous for the people and animals involved. Not to mention they also have a tendency of damaging the habitats of these animals. I like this new method because it offers the same amazing wild footage without disrupting the animal’s environment and without scaring the animals. I really think this is cool and I kind of hope it catches on. Although it will not yield the same sense of adventure as a normal safari it is definitely a more polite method of viewing animals in the wild. I think the more we can leave nature untouched the better. As we already negatively impact the environment in so many ways, I think we owe Earth’s other species a little privacy. It may not solve any large scale environmental issues but still every little change has an impact.


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