Television Recomendations (From a TV Hater)

When it comes to television you could say I’m a bit ADD. I find it very hard to remain interested in programs that span the course of a year to several years. I find I dislike most of what is on Televison these days and therefore do not watch very much. I may be critical of most  programs out there however when I do find something I like I recommend it immediately. If a show can please the likes of me I can guess that some of you may find it a worthwhile watch.

The first program I would recommend is called Community. It stars Joel McHale, Donald Glover, and Chevy Chase among others. The show centres around an egocentric ex-lawyer and his study group as they deal with the often wacky escapades that their community college has to offer. I find the show blends dry and slapstick comedy with impeccable writing and loveable characters. Each episode offers something new and I’m sure many of you will appreciate the fresh creativity that is ever present throughout the series.

The second program I would like to recommend is called Breaking Bad. It stars Bryan Cranston as a mild mannered chemistry teacher turned ruthless meth manufacturer. This series combines an amazing plot, enchanting performances, black humour, solid soundtrack, and gripping action to make an amazing experience. This award winning drama is clearly the best show on television in my books and I would recommend it to anyone.

The final program I would like to recommend is called The Walking Dead. Probably the most popular shows on this list The Walking Dead is the first television show I really watched. The show follows Rick Grimes as he and a group of survivors survive you guessed it the walking dead. Although this program is not without it’s flaws I can’t help but include it on this list. All the mesmerizing effects and the sheer premise alone is enough make for a fun addictive experience.


One thought on “Television Recomendations (From a TV Hater)

  1. This is such a generation gap thing…my generation(and previous ones) grew up with the idea of watching their favourite shows at the same time, on the same channel, each week. It must dirve advertisers crazy trying to figure out what you guys watch and how you watch it.


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