What We Care About: First World Priorities


There are many things about my generation that bother me. I frown on many ideals that people my age seem to have these days but there is one thing bothers me more than all else. I hate that people  my age seem only to care about news about their favourite celebrity or television show. It drives me absolutely crazy when I go on social media networks and see things like #prayforjustin trending over things like #prayforthephilipines. I think it says something about my generation when we seem to care more about some snotty celebrity having a cold than the human suffering occurring over seas. I don’t know if this happens because we are just ignorant or because our priorities are really so warped that we can’t tell which deserves more attention. I’ve seen this disturbing trend more and more as I’ve gradually become more involved with social networking. There is clearly something wrong with the way things are going with our generation. Eventually the people who have maintained the foundation of our society and economy will be gone and my generation will have to step up and take their places. What the hell is the world gonna look like when people who can’t tell that the deaths of thousands is more important than Justin Bieber’s cold are running the show?


2 thoughts on “What We Care About: First World Priorities

  1. I think it’s easy to feel alone in all this, there are so many people who truly are nuts and believe #prayforjustin is a relevant hashtag. There is also an excessive amount of idolization in our culture but just remember that there are people who care about the more important things like the Philippines, and those people are going to change the world!

  2. I agree with Kianna. It’s the same idea when you watch the news on tv-‘If it bleeds, it lead’ predominates, and to view the world through this narrow lens would only tell a little part of the story. There is a lot of good in the world-but that doesn’t make for entertaining news so A LOT of it goes unreported. However, that doesn’t mean good stories don’t exist-just like thoughtful, caring teenagers do exist in great numbers.


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