My Approach To Rating a Film


Personally I love movies. I’m a self professed cinephile and so are many members of my family. In my family I am often the one to come to when seeking an opinion on a movie. To help answer these questions I’ve developed a way of rating films in order to take my thoughts and compile them into an actual score.

On a scale of one to ten I rate the five most important aspects of film to me.

1. How good was the acting in the film?

2. How good were the visuals? (Cinematography, special effects, make up, ect.)

3. How good was the script?

4. How engaging and interesting was the plot?

5. How good was film’s score or soundtrack?

Finally I add up all of these five scores and average them to get one overall score.

Hopefully this method of rating will help you articulate your feelings towards a film or even help settle any mixed feelings you have over a film.






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