Review: Arcade Fire’s Reflektor


Arcade Fire’s newest album “Reflektor” is a must buy for fans of the band as well as new listeners! Literally every song on this album is fantastic and each one offers something new and satisfying. The album incorporates several instruments ranging from guitar to synth to violin. The album also offers several different genre elements including rock, contemporary, instrumental, blues, folk, disco, pop, and punk making for a an album that doesn’t get stale after a couple listens. The lyrics are creative, deep, and are written beautifully. There is variety in the vocals aspect having multiple different vocalists with different ranges contributing. The most appealing aspect of this album is the vast variety in the content, there is literally something for everybody on “Reflektor”. I would recommend “Reflektor’ to any music lover out there! Seriously, give it a listen! Key tracks for me; “Afterlife”, “Normal Person”, “You Already Know”, and “Reflektor”.


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