Police Brutality in Chicgago


The purpose of this post is not to give detail or shed any additional light on the event depicted in the video above but rather to share my disgust at the situation and situations like it. The police brutality that occurred in this video is only one of many documented and undocumented cases every year and it makes me sick. As I have an uncle who is in the OPP I understand that most police officers are good people and above all human but the few who do abuse their power are just as bad as the criminals they put behind bars. Physical, verbal, and emotional abuse dished about police officers is never seen as such, behaviour that would have anyone else incarcerated results in merely a slap on the wrist this is not only unfair but also unlawful. It pisses me off that these people who have so much power over us can seemingly do whatever they want without repercussions. One of the worst parts of these sistuations to me is that victims can never fight back, they are often out gunned and will face heinous charges for even defending themselves there is almost nothing they can even do after the fact to bring offenders to justice. It also occurs to me that much of the abuse targets minorities such as the African American community and women. Have we not come far enough as a society to stand against such corruption?


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